P.S. - I'm sorry

Dear Dr. Manmohan Singh,

Let me begin by congratulating you on your latest set of reforms and also your new resolve for reforms. I am 100% behind you on both aspects.

I think the address to the nation was also a good move and long overdue, and once again I am in complete agreement with whatever you did say. However, I have some objections about the things you did not.

You asked the Indian public to persevere and accept the price hikes due to the deficit. You asked the public not to get influenced by the lies spread for political reasons. You asked people to trust you and support you to get through these trying times. All of these are reasonable requests, but they are too late.

If you had made this same address two years ago, it would have been met with cheers and the whole hearted support of the people. But now, your government, Sir, has lost its credibility. What did you do to address that?

It is obvious that there is a lot more corruption embedded in our system than what is covered in the media. While ideally I would expect you to own up and apologise for it all, the least you could have done is apologise for the ones that have already been proven.

You should have apologised that under your rule the CWG and 2G scandal took place. You should have apologised for the fact that the coal mines were not effectively developed and utilised. You should have apologised that after 8 years of your rule, India once again faces the crisis which you compared to the one in 1991.

None of these apologises would have revealed any new damning evidence against your government. They have already been comprehensively proven and your government has already been blamed for them. While you may not have been personally involved in those scandals, they did happen under your rule and you should have owned up to your responsibility. Addressing these issues would have helped the public believe that you have turned over a new leaf.

Personally, I take offence that these issues were not clarified before you dived into your requests. The old air must be cleared. A good leader gives before he takes. Don’t treat us like fools who would not understand. Give us respect and we will return the favour.

Yours sincerely,