JNU Terror Attack - Misinformation

JNU Terror Attack - Misinformation

The Right has done the unthinkable - they have unleashed state sponsored terrorism on the students of India. Make no mistake this has what has happened. Now they have no defense but to spread misinformation and create so much confusion that the blame cannot fall on them. This enables people to claim ignorance and how there is no way of knowing what actually happened. But of course there is!

If you're confused about the facts this blog will summarize all the crucial details. To verify them, do some of your own reading. But please don't say I can't know enough. Don't watch your democracy crumble as you watch...

What are we talking about?

On the 5th of January 2020, 50 or so masked goons entered JNU campus armed with sledgehammers, metal rods and sticks. They attacked students and teachers and destroyed college property. They even entered dormitories where they selectively trashed rooms of minorities and non-ABVP sympathizers

Police was Complicit

Switched off the street lights: The street lights were switched on the street which included several gates into the campus. During a riot, the police requires visibility. Not lack there off. These lights came back on when the goons had left. A journalist overheard a cop responding to a student query about the lights going off with - 'We just follow orders'

Allowed armed goons to enter: JNU has a policy of entering the campus only after providing your credentials. This was not followed. A journalist even recorded the police allowing a group of 25 odd men in plain clothes enter the campus without checking their credentials. They later justified it as police in plain clothes after being pestered - but why would police in plain clothes be required during a riot?

Allowed armed mob to exit: Even after knowing for hours of what was happening inside the campus, when the goons exited the campus the police made no attempt to stop them. (2nd video below)

Mob exiting the campus in style as the police spectate

Allowed violent mob at the gate: The aggressive mob manhandled and assaulted reporters and politicians at the gate while the police spectated.

Did not enter the campus to quell the riot: The argument made is that they were waiting for Campus approval (which they did not when it came to squashing opinions against the ruling Government). Correction: Latest article reading the FIR states that the request came in around 3.45 pm itself. This is in direct contradiction to the earlier statement released by the Delhi PR that said the request only came in at 7.45 pm.

Still no arrests: In the protests just a few weeks back the police was able to swiftly arrest a number of people across the country. But here, with blatant violence the police has still made 0 arrest? Is it really that incapable?

Original article from Scroll can be found here (with a few additions from me).

Who was the armed mob?

ABVP (student wing of the RSS) has made claims that this was the work of the Left and the student unions in campus. While the student union says this was ABVP. So this is merely a he said, she said right? No.

Organizing on WhatsApp: After some students infiltrated the Whatsapp groups where the participants of the mobs were coordinating.

Message 1: We entered their hostels and beat them up

This number was traced to Saurabh Dubey. His social media profile shows that he manages a page called JNUites for MODI.

Message 2: Get the people from DU to enter from the Khajan Singh swimming side. We are 25-30 of us here.

This number was traced to Vikas Patel who was the former Vice President at ABVP at JNU. (Also caught on camera below and has deactivated his social media accounts)

Message 3: Has the police come? Brother, leftists have joined this group too. Why was the link shared?

This number was traced to Onkar Srivastava, state executive committee member of ABVP in Delhi and former vice president of ABVP at JNU in 2015-16.

All of this was done via a journalist on the Scroll using TrueCaller.

Indian Express ran a similar search that can be found here. When contacted all of them claimed they don't know how they got added to the group and that some friend misused their phone. No one denied being part of the group.

Selective Destruction of Rooms

Reporters who entered the Sabarmati Hostel (the prime site of violence) found that rooms with posters supporting ABVP were spared while the others were trashed.

A political science student told Scroll.in that when the goons tried to forcibly open the door of the room where the Kashmiri student lived, they hurled the abuse “Babur ki aulad” – son of Mughal emperor Babur, a slur used against Muslims.
Just a few feet away, other rooms with ABVP posters were left untouched.

Members Caught on Camera

The same Vikas Patel (mentioned in the WhatsApp section) was also caught on camera with other armed men with lathis while he held a fiber glass baton (used by police in Delhi). This image was taken before the attacks on JNU.

The man in the blue and yellow sweat shirt has been identified as Shiv Poojan Mandal, member of ABVP at JNU. This is likely the same man present in the video above of the mob exiting the campus at the end of the day (watch video closely).

What is the ABVP saying?

Video Showing Ghosh (president) involved in riots: The video in question has Ghosh running into Periyar Hostel (2nd site of violence) amid several men. The ABVP claims this shows that Ghosh was the one responsible for the violence.

This has been refuted by the Left Union. They claim she was going in protect the students. She is seen only talking to men and women who followed the mob with masks. None of them were armed.

The audio is not clear to make anything out of it.

ABVP rooms were damaged too

The Periyar hostel has too been vandalized with claims that ABVP rooms were specifically targeted. But there is no third party that can verify this. The journalist couldn't observe a pattern in the vandalizing.

WhatsApp messages

The same resident who made this claim, made an obvious bogus one by showing screenshots of Left Unions planning violence but with a timestamp of well after midnight post which no violence has been reported.

ABVP Students were also harmed

ABVP claims that 25 members were seriously injured and 11 are missing.

However, it is unclear where these injured students are, while we have confirmed news that 34 others (including faculty) were immediately admitted into AIIMs the same night. Manish Jangid (above) appeared on the campus was a sling, while there are people sitting with their heads smashed in the hospital.

Some other questions

Why did the statement released by the Vice Chancellor blame the Left Union?

The current Vice Chancellor of JNU, Prof M. Jagadesh Kumar is an appointee of the Modi Government. JNU is an obvious thorn for the BJP who have gone on logger heads with the college on multiple occasions (remember Kanhaiya?). To take over the campus, they placed Prof Kumar in 2016 a prof from IIT D who has no previous administrative experience.

As has been documented, has been extremely unpopular since he joined with 93% of the faculty voting to remove him in a referendum in 2018. They have cited multiple attempts at not following procedures and creating an atmosphere of fear and quelling dissent. However, he has refused to address these or talk to the media for the last 3 years.

An obvious BJP tool, it is extremely suspicious that he delayed requesting the police assistance for so long while riots were rampant within the campus walls. He subsequently released a statement blaming the Left Student Union for disrupting education. He mentions the armed goons entering campus, but does not choose to identify them or their political affiliation. Kind of just leaves it hanging there...

What about the Left Union protesting about fee hikes?

We could get into this, but is it really important? Let say they were protesting. Lets say they broke a few machines. Does it warrant the terror that was unleashed on to them? Does it warrant students sitting in their dorms and suddenly facing masked goons armed with metal rods? Does it warrant having their skulls bashed? This isn't worth addressing any more than this.

Take Away

While every claim cannot be unequivocally disproved, the overwhelming majority of evidence points to an obvious culprit. ABVP did this with Government's blessings. The blatant brutality and police complicity is shocking. There is NO other explanation for this. Just try to see the big picture. There is NO other explanation...

This isn't about religion, this isn't about gender, this isn't about Kashmir or Pakistan. This is ONLY JUST about whether this country will permit dissent or will it not. Will the Government sponsor elements of their party to physically assault anyone they don't like or agree with? Will the police be expected to stand by as the citizens of this country are threatened and beaten?

Is this the kind of country you want to leave behind or grow up in? Politics of hatred breeds hatred. Yesterday it was the Muslims. Today it's the Left. Tomorrow or the day after - it will be you.